Marketwired Product Brochures

Marketwired is a social communications leader offering best-in-class news distribution and reporting, as well as state-of-the-art social media monitoring and analytics. To support Marketwired's marketing and sales efforts, a whole suite of brochures were developed to fall into two groups. They included brochures for each individual product in addition to a group targeted towards specific sets of solutions such as IR, PR, Marketing & Advertising, and Small Businesses. The brochures themselves have two distinct colours: red indicating that it has a social media slant while blue represents a newswire slant, both of which are integral parts of Marketwired's business. Furthermore, geometric shapes appear on the covers of product brochures while the covers of the solutions brochures have an organic graphic. They were very well received by the company and the bold look and feel helped to distinguish Marketwired's brand within its industry.

Studio: Marketwired