J & P Wedding Collateral

Designing and branding my own wedding was by far, one of the biggest challenges that I have come to face as a designer but also one of the most enjoyable. I met my wife when we were in grade 3 but went our separate ways until reuniting later in life. Our story led me to develop a theme surrounding a timeline and how we came back together to continue our story. An invitation contained in a translucent envelope and other collateral pieces (program, menu, banners, signs, table numbers, place cards, buttons, thank you cards) were designed based on this theme and the shape of a circle was naturally used as the dominant motif throughout.

A single-scroll parallax website was also created as a destination for friends and family to learn more about the details of the wedding.

A short stop-motion video was also produced with a background track of "Who Would Have Thought" by Darren Hayes. Lyrics of the song loosely summed up our story and key phrases are incorporated into the video. It was played at the start of the reception to introduce the wedding party and culminated with the grand entrance of my wife and I into the room.

Studio: PCW Design
Wedding Photography: Christine Kwan & Half Frame Photography 

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